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License# 376600600

Spanish Afterschool


3368 Bonita Rd. Chula Vista, CA 91910






At Bonita Learning Academy we believe that there is a need for a bilingual school for young children; a school with a multicultural scope. Children between the ages of three and six years old are in a unique period of cognitive development, especially the development of language.  In order to foster this, we surround our students with educational stimulus in two languages: English and Spanish, taught by teachers who are native speakers as well as certified educators.


At B.L.A., we recognize that children are, from birth, creatures of multiple intelligences: observing, listening, absorbing, and classifying information in many diverse ways.  At the same time, they are also absorbing the values and culture of family and community.  By the time a child is approaching the third year of life, the experiences offered by preschool can serve as enrichment, and as a safe introduction to a larger, loving and caring community.


It is the philosophy of Bonita Learning Academy to appreciate and nurture each child, while recognizing his or her own unique personality, learning style, and potential.  Each student in our program is encouraged to develop a strong sense of his or her own abilities and responsibilities as thinking individuals, and as members of a group. Furthermore, we address the needs of the whole child by providing not only a strong base of academic preparation, but also the enhancement of body and spirit, through our fine arts and physical education curriculum, taught by enrichment teachers who are specialists in their fields.


It is our hope and belief that graduates of Bonita Learning Academy will take their places in future classrooms with joy, confidence, and a true appreciation of and respect for themselves, for others, and for the process of learning.