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Spanish Afterschool


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In addition to the art, music, and movement that is integrated into the classroom curriculum, we are extremely fortunate to be able to offer thirty minutes of daily enrichment classes for every student. The classes are taught in a group setting by resource teachers specially trained to work with children in these areas. Note: These classes are included in the regular tution.




Yoga class is incorporated into our curriculum with the purpose of helping children to develop body confidence. It also helps them to develop stronger levels of concentration and focus, which carries over into the classroom. It has been proven in scientific studies that practicing yoga enhances the connections between both hemispheres of the brain, improving concentration and health in general. Our children are taught by a certified instructor who specializes in yoga for children, and they love it!




Art class is a wonderful opportunity for children to express themselves and learn about the art and artists in history, from cave paintings to modern art. They will explore many artistic media, such as clay, sand, and recycled materials. This class takes children’s imaginations on a journey of discovery and knowledge, while they enjoy the hands-on activities.




We are very proud of our music and movement program at B.L.A.

This class focuses on the recognition of sounds, instruments, rhythms, cultural music, and body coordination. Throughout the year, children will explore different musical components, study a vast array of sounds and their sources, and develop their ability to synchronize movement to sound. Children will gain the confidence to perform in public, and participate in an actual theater production through an end-of-year Parent Festival performance.




One of the most important aspects of a child’s development is his/her physical health. In general, children who practice exercise as part of their daily lives are usually healthier, happier, and have a greater ability to focus in school. Our physical education program includes activities and drills that encourage strength, dexterity, stamina, and self-esteem.


Students are taught of the importance of eating healthy foods and being active. This class combines games and theory with fun and healthy competition, building children’s confidence and self-esteem. Gymnastic techniques, sports drills, and specialized equipment are used for individual as well as team play.



The students will be taught safe and helful tools to explore, learn and practice to manage emotions, learning to be calm, to understand thoughts and to feel good in their bodies. They will practice self-awareness, learn to focus on the task at hand through focusing exercises, breathing techniques, and unwind stress exercises.